Dramatic Temperature Changes Are Harmful To Health

When the temperature in the summer is at least thirty degrees, we try to go as soon as possible to rest on the sea.

But the temperature of the sea water can not always please us.

A sharp drop in temperature of air and water, is very dangerous for the blood vessels of the human body. Razgorjachennye in the sun, you jump into the cold water and thereby provoke a sharp narrowing of the vessels. For an absolutely healthy person. This can cause dizziness and in some cases, even seizures. And what then to speak about those who can not brag of exclusive health?

Before exposing yourself to such a huge risk, you must analyze all the positive and negative consequences of your actions. Never waste or risk your health for nothing. Love yourself and try to maintain a wonderful mood and happiness in the eyes.

Of course, in the summer heat you really want to refresh yourself and take a dip in the cool water, but you need to consider how great the difference between the temperatures in the pond and the air around you.

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