Doctors Will Find an Artificial Assistant

As scientists said in the near future, assistants in the form of artificial intelligence will be assigned to help the doctor.

The development is aimed specifically at recognizing people who want to deceive the doctor and pretend painful sensations.

Such methods are very often used by schoolchildren in order to miss a few days of study and not to teach homework. But except for schoolchildren, there is a group of people who dishonestly treat their own workplace and want to get a few days of rest just to not do anything.

Now, according to the statement, the developers will not get anyone to deceive the doctor and just sit at home. Installing this application on your smartphone, you can independently check whether you can cheat the doctor if you want to stay at home without a valid reason for this. And if your acting skills do not reach the required level, then you can set a reminder to enroll in the school of acting. Although, when tested this invention on the graduates of the acting schools, only one percent of a hundred could slightly embarrass the developed application. So the weekend is over for those who are healthy, but just want to rest.

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