Doctors Told How Useful Walnuts Are

Among all useful food products, special attention should be paid to walnuts.

The results of recent studies confirm the fact that such nuts, in addition to minerals, vitamins and fiber, also contain antioxidants, fatty acids and vegetable protein. All these elements protect the body from exposure to harmful chemicals that cause the appearance of various diseases, as well as slow the aging process.

Despite the fact that many people refuse to eat walnuts, because they are afraid to gain excess weight, considering a high-calorie product, experts recommend that they be included in the daily diet, believing this opinion to be incorrect.

The fact is that due to high nutritional content, the feeling of satiety is quite fast, which does not lead to overeating. In addition, in nuts are not present monounsaturated fats, contributing to the clogging of blood vessels.

Healing Properties of Nuts

In turn, scientists argue that nuts have medicinal properties, for example, protect against the occurrence of cancer. During the research it was possible to find out that those people who eat a few nuts every day reduce the risk of certain types of cancer by 40%. Due to fatty acids Omega-3 and antioxidants, they prevent heart disease, have a positive effect on the digestive system, accelerate the metabolism.

But this is not all useful properties, because of which you should love walnuts.

The fact is that the antioxidants present in them, excrete toxins and other harmful accumulations from the body, as a result of which the aging process of the organism slows down, which is an important factor in human life activity.

Experts also argue that constantly using walnuts, with a daily rate should not be more than 30 grams, it will be possible to activate the work of the brain, because they contain substances such as neuroprotectors.

Nuts can be eaten as if in a separate form, for example as a snack, or added to different dishes, which will give them an exquisite taste.

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