Divorce Should not Become the Cause of Your Depression

If you have a situation in your life that caused you to experience all the hardships of divorce, then you can be sure that this should not lead to a bad mood and the beginning of the development of depression.

Remember, when in childhood you gave your old toys to girls who are younger than you, simply because you were no longer interested in playing them. So imagine your husband in the form of such a toy.

And even if you are still interested in playing with it, but you should understand that it’s time to just part because you have already outgrown your toy. Of course, this comparison is rather exaggerated, and a living person can not be compared with toys, but the main thing in this example is to understand what feelings are worth experiencing when parting or divorce.

Do not hide the easy sadness and maybe even sometimes nostalgia, but life should make you move in front and find new hobbies and new attachments. Parting with everyone is easy, because if a person wants to leave you, then you should let him go. Despite the fact that you still have warm feelings for the common past.

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