Diseases Caused by Office Mode of Work

What can a modern person get from the situation in which he finds practically the whole working day, sitting at the computer in the office?

Already appeared a list of diseases that can be obtained if you do not do preventive exercises or work at the computer for at least three hours, without getting up from one place.

For example, stoop, myopia, dry eyes, back pain, neck and shoulders, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Very often people who are not related to working with a computer do not even know about such diseases, but at the same time, they have some kind of their own occupational diseases. But now and office employees have learned to diagnose in themselves what is called preventive factors.

If the eyes begin to ache after thirty minutes of work at the computer, or the lobes of the fingers in the literal sense of the word are swollen from the keyboard, then you need to make a rest for yourself and never neglect this word. It is important to understand that if you lose your health, you can not return it to the same state as it was before. Therefore, it is better just to rest your hands and eyes, so that they can enjoy a breather and recharge their energy for a new working project.

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