Diseases Caused by Air Conditioning Work

In summer, to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, most people use air conditioning.

Since the appearance of this device with every goal, it has become increasingly popular, especially among residents of southern countries, where during the summer season, the air temperature exceeds 30 degrees, which makes the inside of the building stuffy and hot, which naturally negatively affects the quality sleep.

In addition, with the advent of computers, there are more and more offices in which employees work, and scientists have shown that labor productivity largely depends on working conditions.

Therefore, almost all offices have air conditioners installed, not to mention hotel rooms, restaurants and other public places.

Often allergies and colds are manifested

However, it is worth remembering that, in addition to coolness and freshness in the room, the operation of the air conditioner can cause a number of diseases, among which the most common is the common cold and allergy. It is proved that operating air conditioners spread bacteria more quickly in the event that someone from the office staff is sick with a viral disease.

Experts do not recommend making the air temperature inside the room too hot with respect to the outdoor temperature. The fact is that a sharp drop can lead not only to the inflammatory processes of the throat and respiratory tract, but also to provoke a vasospasm.

Do not forget that the air conditioner needs to periodically clean and change the air filters to prevent the occurrence of allergies and other diseases due to dust particles.

In addition, it can accumulate bacteria that can lead to a disease such as legionellosis, which is accompanied by a fever, a violation of the central nervous system and digestive organs. In some category of people, the operation of the air conditioner can provoke dry skin, the appearance of spots on it, and other unpredictable reactions of the body. Often there is inflammation of the nasal mucosa due to viruses or bacteria. For those people who are sensitive to the operation of the air conditioner, the workplace should be chosen away from the device.

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