Dirt On The Keyboard Can Call Conjunctivitis And Not Just

American scientists who have found the relationship between a dirty keyboard and eye diseases, say that it’s the users themselves who blame everything.

After all, in order to avoid the multiplication of microbes on a computer keyboard, you must follow simple rules of hygiene and each time after you wipe the keyboard with a wet rag.

Of course, when you understand a wet rag, you should be in doubt because getting water inside the keyboard can cause it to break. Therefore, it is worth using a wet napkin. Very interesting is the fact that people often wipe the keyboard before they start working for it, and almost never do it when they finish their work.

Therefore, it is very important not to forget to facilitate a healthy existence for yourself and not let other microbes spread to your hands. It is very easy to get an infection of the eye, which then will be cured quite difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, first of all, try to do well for yourself, and you will get the opportunity to work with clean hands and what they touch.

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