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A few days ago, we received a message in the mail from a regular reader with a request to publish his story of getting rid of acne at home. We thought this material might be useful for other people who have similar problems and want to find a solution. We want to warn you right away that Goodshelp may not share the opinion of the author of the article and does not bear any responsibility for the compliance of the declared useful properties of the described product with real results.

Text of the letter:

@ Hi I have been a regular reader of your site for a long time and I want to share my success story. Since I was 17, acne bothered me. At first, the doctors said that these were the characteristics of adolescence and the problem would soon pass. But then things only got worse. At 26, my face was completely covered with acne and red spots. I didn’t want to go out, because when others saw me, it disgusted them. The situation was critical. I have consulted with dozens of doctors and cosmetologists. I was prescribed hormonal ointments that only worked while I was using them. I went through several stages of laser facial cleansing, spent a lot of money on procedures and was on the verge of despair. The decision came completely out of the blue. One day I saw an ad for DermaTea Detox and Acne Treatment Supplement on the internet. I decided to follow the link and order this drink for myself. Began brewing and drinking every morning instead of coffee. A few days later, I saw that there were much less acne. I continued using the product and after 1 month my face was completely clean! It’s been six months now, and the acne does not appear back! I am absolutely happy with the result and hope this helps someone. @

DermaTea – Pure Face

We were curious to know more details about this product and we contacted DermaTea Philippines official site. Having carefully studied the information about the product, we came to the conclusion that this drink is intended not only to solve skin problems, but also to completely detox your body. The formula contains components that accelerate the immune system and increase the protective functions of the body.

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