Depression Can Be Cured If You Deprive Human Sleep

In Pennsylvania, an entire institute is working on how to determine how useful it is to deprive a person of sleep when he experiences obvious mental disorders in the form of depression of different stages.

So, according to the results of the study, it became clear that positive dynamics can be seen if after a person falls asleep and sleeps for three or four hours, he is awakened and all the remaining twenty to twenty one hours are not allowed to fall asleep.

The same results were shown by a group of subjects who were not allowed to sleep for thirty-six hours.

After these tests, people felt much better and, very importantly, all the acute symptoms of their depressive state passed by themselves. But the modern scientific world does not yet recognize these methods as sufficiently substantiated for treatment and tries to use medicinal preparations. Although the pills start to act and bring the same result only after a week.

The easiest way is not to bring your body to depression and always enjoy life. And this can be a very useful lesson for all those who are just beginning to feel sad for different reasons.

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