Dangerous Occupations On a Risk Scale for Life

American scientists have compiled a list in which they determined the most dangerous occupations in the opinion of the majority of specialists from different areas of life.

So, in the first place, there are miners.

Their risk associated with life from ten balls gained a value of 8.3. This is the highest figure that can characterize the profession of miners, as the most dangerous in the world.

After them policemen with an index of 7.7 points settled, then the builders and journalists shared the third place and scored 7.5 points. But the next profession on this list, caused a lot of discussions at the forum and people were divided into those who agree, and those who are categorically against showing an indicator of 7.2 points to the actors. It turns out that this profession is risky because people who play on the stage and in the cinema other people’s fates are very susceptible to mental disorders and often commit suicide.

The same controversial issue turned out to be the profession of musicians who, according to experts, are subject to constant stress due to frequent moves, and also because their tour schedule does not allow time for rest. The most quiet and healthy professions were found in museum workers and libraries.