Dancing Saves From Dementia

According to doctors from Germany, it became known that those pensioners who regularly engage in dancing have fewer health problems than those who walk every day on foot or ride a bicycle.

It turns out that it is dances that can save the elderly from dementia, and also improve memory.

Such conclusions were made on the basis of scanning the brain of several dozen pensioners who gave their consent to this procedure. Therefore, if you want your old age not to pass in constant memories, where the keys went, you need to start dancing and not to give up this occupation for a day.

Many retirees claim that dancing in the evenings, helps them remember their youth and diversify their lonely existence. After all, few people survive old age together with their second half. So it turns out that dancing for pensioners is something like a balm not only for the soul, but also for the body. Health improves, and the mood is always on top. What more do you need in age, when you have achieved everything in this life.

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