Daily Hygiene Does Not Justify Itself

Infectious disease doctors began to argue that those people who are obsessed with cleanliness simply do not imagine that they spend so much time wasted.

Also, they claim that it has long been known about the fact that confirms that soap is not capable of killing bacteria on your hands.

All that you can achieve from soap is to reduce the amount of dirt on the skin.

But this is already a fairly positive result. Moreover, when we wash our hands, coming from the street, we deprive the microbes of the chances to get to us inside the body and infect it with some kind of disease.

These conclusions also apply to daily bathing, which only drains the skin, if it occurs more often than once a day. To a healthy person who does not waste time, it is enough to wash yourself once a day at bedtime, just to wash away all the dust from the body that has accumulated over the whole day. Therefore, in order not to harm your body, it is enough just to know that it needs to be washed and bathed every day, but not more often than once.

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