Contraception, Not Only Feminine Care

Almost every man is ready to completely shift responsibility for the process of controlling an unplanned pregnancy to the fragile shoulders of his partner.

But do not forget that women are very insidious and often pursue their own goals.

For example, if a man hopes that a woman drinks a contraceptive pill and does not worry about another form of contraception, then it can be very easily deceived and put in a position where he is presented with a pregnancy.

Therefore, one should never hope for someone else. Especially if you are not too familiar with the woman with whom you intend to start an intimate relationship. After all, a man bears the same responsibility for a possible pregnancy with a woman. It is always worthwhile to have condoms with you, so as not to be in a stupid position at the most crucial moment.

The myth that it is only important for a woman not to become pregnant should be destroyed. After all, a child is a creation of two parents. Therefore, and responsible for his life and development, should all.

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