Coffee That Can not Drink Later Lunch

It turns out that scientists have long proven that coffee should not be drunk until ten o’clock in the morning.

And this is all because in the morning in the human body, too much hormone cortisol is produced, which affects the work of the heart and in combination with coffee virtually neutralizes its effect.

Cortisol, which is recognized as a hormone of stress, is responsible for our mood and energy throughout the day. Therefore, when after ten o’clock in the morning its content in the blood begins to decrease, it is necessary to recharge the body with a cup of coffee.

Of course, if you do not like coffee drinks, then you can choose a drink that is much more favorable for the body – green tea. Its benefit lies in the fact that it is a tonic and stimulating drink.

Instead of exciting your nervous system with a cup of coffee, you can drink green tea. And besides, after fourteen hours of coffee, drinking is strongly discouraged. But green tea can be drunk even at night. Therefore, it is very carefully to give preference to your favorite drinks and not to injure the body if it resists against any product.