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– relieves inflammation , tension, dryness and irritation
– enhances visual acuity , strengthens the retina
– stimulates the nerve synapses that provide clear vision


Today we will be testing vitamins for improving vision CleanVision. This product has generated a huge stir in the European market. Today, ophthalmologists, therapists and simply Internet users on the forums talk about these capsules. There is a lot of conflicting information in the media. Our editorial team decided to prepare a review of this nutritional supplement in order to destroy all myths.

CleanVision – Vitamins To Improve Vision

Branded packaging is dark blue. The bottle contains 30 capsules. According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, the daily dosage is 2 capsules per day, so you will need 2 packs to complete the full course for 1 month. The food supplement is in the form of oval capsules for oral use. Due to its convenient form, the capsule is easy to swallow even with a minimal amount of water, although the instructions say that the volume of liquid when swallowed should be at least 300 ml.

According to the manufacturer, eye vitamins CleanVision has successfully completed clinical trials. We could not find confirmation or refutation of this data in other sources, so we can only trust the seller.


1. Blueberries.

The beneficial properties of these berries for the organs of vision have long been known. The product contains a huge amount of useful vitamins: A, B-5, O6, B-1, E. But the most beneficial for the eyes is vitamin C. Scientists say that blueberries contain 4 times more vitamin C than oranges or lemons. The product stimulates the regeneration of damaged cells of the eyeball, improves the condition of the retina, and also stimulates capillary blood circulation.

2. Ginkgo biloba extract.

Scientific research confirms that this plant has a beneficial effect on visual acuity and reduces capillary fragility. Ginkgo Biloba contains antioxidants that detoxify and help reduce free radicals. Also, the product eliminates dry eye syndrome and helps protect against dangerous eye diseases.

3. Black waterberry.

This herb has been used extensively in traditional Chinese medicine recipes to improve vision. Official medicine has only recently become interested in the beneficial properties of black crowberry. Clinical results have shown that the risk of glaucoma and cataracts is markedly reduced in patients taking nutritional supplements based on this certificate.

4. Shark oil.

Contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which increase the elasticity of blood vessels and normalize intraocular pressure. The product promotes the renewal of damaged cells and helps to restore visual acuity without glasses or contact lenses. The formula is rich in antioxidants and vitamins that have an antibacterial effect.

5. Grape extract.

Slows down the aging of the organs of vision, eliminates possible pathologies. Vitamins and trace elements in grapes are the best way to prevent cataracts and other dangerous diseases. In most cases, the product naturally improves vision.

Based on this information, it becomes obvious that CleanVision natural vision enhancer can be useful for the organs of vision. But we do not want to rely solely on information from the manufacturer and therefore decided to seek expert opinion. Here is what the ophthalmologist told us:

Many people underestimate the effectiveness of vitamins for the eyes. If we talk about CleanVision original, then in my opinion this product deserves attention. When our vision drops sharply, we rush to quickly buy ourselves glasses or contact lenses. But these tools are created in order to improve the clarity of vision in the short term, but not to solve the problem. I am tired of repeating to my patients – glasses will never return your eye health. To correct the situation, you need to normalize metabolic processes and renew damaged tissues. CleanVision result shows that the product is much more effective than its closest competitors in the market. Capsules will not replace your surgery, and if your doctor has prescribed a surgical method of treatment, always follow his recommendations. But in 8 out of 10 cases, problems can be solved with the help of natural vitamins.

Where to Buy CleanVision?

How does this nutritional supplement work? CleanVision official site claims that the product we are describing has complex benefits:

– Restores image clarity.
– Normalizes blood pressure.
– Eliminates pain, burning sensation and “sand effect” in the eyes.
– Reduces dryness and redness.
– Improves visual acuity.
– Improves the function of the retina.
– Protects against negative environmental influences.
– Normalizes blood microcirculation.
– Promotes the restoration of local immunity.
– Has an antibacterial effect.

Many of our readers are interested in the question how much is CleanVision? Unlike its expensive counterparts, this food supplement turned out to be very beneficial. If you look at the average in the market, then CleanVision price will be lower by about 65-70%.

Only one question remains unresolved – where to buy CleanVision? We were surprised to learn that the capsules are not available in pharmacies. It turns out that you can order CleanVision Singapore only online. The link to the official website is indicated in the description. We wish you good health!


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