Cleansing Salad

People who carefully follow every inch of their waist, probably heard about an effective slimming salad with an interesting name “Brush”.

And maybe not only heard, but also made sure personally that the mild effect of a mixture of products saves the body from accumulated slag, triggers the metabolism process and helps to reduce weight.

This is due to the cleansing of the intestine. Salad is perfect for a day-off menu.

This interpretation of raw food is not only effective in combating obesity, but also very useful for the body as a whole. “Brush” cleanses the intestines, promotes the renewal of the microflora of mucous tissues, eliminates problems with the stool.

In fact, varieties of salads with this name can be found not a little. The peculiarity of all is precisely that all the ingredients should not be exposed to thermal effects. One of the most effective and common in our region is a traditional salad made from carrots, beets and apples. We take each product in the amount of 300 grams, rub it on a fine grater, mix it. Next, add a little freshly squeezed juice and 2 teaspoons of olive oil.

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