Chocolate, Slowing Aging

A few weeks ago in Switzerland, a new kind of chocolate was invented, which, according to the developers, is able to slow down the aging processes in the body.

He was called ruby ​​because he has a reddish tint, obtained by using a completely new type of cocoa beans.

It includes marine vitamins, which guarantee the prolongation of the youth of your body. There is a lot of talk about the fact that a new kind of chocolate can completely supersede already known to us black, milk and white chocolate, which were invented many years ago and managed to get bored with those who start their day every day with a piece of chocolate.

Of course, it’s impossible to overestimate the benefits of black chocolate, but the fact that for the first time it may lose its position, it’s also not worth denying. Because of this news, all the world’s chocolate manufacturers, have become a little nervous and are afraid of a decrease in sales of their products. Although the sweet tooth and assure that abandon your favorite chocolate bars in favor of an unknown novelty, are not yet ready.

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