Chips May Become Depression Cause

It would seem that we begin to eat food such as chips, only in those moments when it is really bad for us to raise the hormone of happiness in the blood.

But according to a study conducted by British scientists, it turned out that it is the chips that can make a person feel depressed.

The fact that ninety-nine percent of all cooked chips are fried in palm oil can not be denied. A palm oil contains trace elements, which not only cause depression, but also can develop cancerous tumors. And the more often a person has chips, the more likely that cancer cells living in his body will wake up and begin to actively develop.

Therefore, if you do not want to be treated for depression and even more so for cancer, then remember forever that using chips, you need ka less often, and it is best to exclude them altogether from your diet. With the advent of chips in society there was a real revolution, characterized by a set of excess weight and the inability to abandon a favorite product, which leads to this state.

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