Causes of Hypoglycemia

According to statistics, every year more and more people suffer from such a common disease as diabetes, and this applies to virtually all categories of the population, and even children.

Experts say that in addition to heredity, the main cause of the disease is malnutrition, as well as frequent nervous stress.

Some people do not even suspect how much sugar or substitutes they consume during the day.

The fact is that manufacturers, especially confectionery products, as well as sweet carbonated drinks and packaged juices, add a large amount of sugar to improve the taste, not to mention chemicals that extend the shelf life. In order to maintain a normal level of sugar, you need to eat as little as possible various foods that are not entirely healthy, preferring home-cooked dishes. As for sweets, a good option would be the use of honey, dried fruit, dark chocolate, naturally in a moderate amount.

Low Sugar Level Worsens the Performance of the Head Brain

However, some people have a situation where the blood sugar level is below normal, which also has a negative effect on overall health and well-being. This disease is called hypoglycemia, which primarily worsens the work of the brain, because for him, glucose is one of the main sources of nutrition.

In addition, dizziness, apathy and bad mood may occur, accompanied by a rapid heartbeat and weakness. From such a disease, those who have problems with the work of the liver and adrenal glands are more likely to suffer.

Reducing the level of sugar can occur due to heavy physical exertion over a long period of time, fatigue caused by frequent sleep deprivation, not to mention the abuse of alcoholic beverages. You can check the sugar level by passing tests or yourself, if you have special devices that you can buy at any pharmacy. This is especially true of elderly people, who are advised to control blood pressure and sugar levels.

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