Causes of Early Wrinkles Appearance

After fifty years of age there is a natural process of aging of the body, as evidenced by many factors, including the appearance of wrinkles.

This is due to the fact that the skin becomes less elastic and elastic. In this case, there is a certain category of people whose wrinkles do not appear due to age, but for some reason, which naturally negatively affects the psychological state, especially in women who constantly pay much attention to appearance.

Having conducted a number of experiments, scientists from China have determined that the main factors in the appearance of wrinkles are malnutrition, lack of sleep and particular nervous stresses.

In addition, there may be external factors, for example, exposure to ultraviolet rays, the excess of which can cause not only the appearance of wrinkles, but also other diseases, including cancer.

This is especially true for those people who come to rest on the seaside from the northern regions. Due to the fact that their body is not adapted to the local climate, it is necessary to take sun baths carefully, using protective creams, as well as shelter from direct sunlight.

An important Factor is the Impact of the External Environment

In addition, it was found that those people who live in industrial regions are also more often faced with the problem of the appearance of early wrinkles, because the skin is adversely affected by dirty air, which contains various harmful substances.

Sleep is a very important element in the life of any person, because a systematic lack of sleep leads to the appearance of many diseases, not to mention the deterioration of the state of health, which is accompanied by headaches, fast fatigue and a decrease in activity.

Lack of sleep has an additional burden on all organs, including the heart and the head could, and also accelerates the aging of cells. No bad habit helps to rejuvenate the body, but on the contrary, therefore, smokers and alcohol lovers should not count on an attractive appearance, because, in addition to wrinkles, this category of people often has swelling, dark circles under the eyes and unnatural skin color.

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