Causes of Colds in the Summer

Despite the fact that the summer is hot weather, many people suffer from colds, the causes of which are several.

It can be improper use of air conditioning, drinking too cold drinks, which leads to the appearance of sore throat, as well as a sharp change in air temperature, which is often accompanied by downpours and thunderstorms.

It is not always possible to hide from such a bad weather in a gazebo or a building, and an umbrella captured with it can protect only the head and body from the rain, while the legs are necessarily soaked, which can cause fever, runny nose, coughing.

It is worth noting that during a non-cured cold, it often leads to the emergence of more serious diseases, such as pneumonia, bladder and kidney problems, and it is very difficult to cope with these chronic diseases.

Well if the rain is short and warm, then the risk of getting sick decreases, but getting under cold and prolonged rain feet, not only getting wet, but also freezing, which can lead to joint disease, and as is known, many people suffering from arthritis do not managed to avoid disability.

One Of These Are Soaked Feet

Especially it is necessary to ensure that the feet are not soaked in children who are more likely to get colds, because their body is at the development stage. To avoid this, when going for a walk it is necessary to choose the right footwear, which should be convenient and practical.

When there are puddles on the street, it is better to wear waterproof shoes, and if you still wet your feet, first of all you need to change shoes as quickly as possible, which will prevent the occurrence of colds and infection with fungal diseases.

When you come home, warm your feet with a warm bath with the addition of sea salt or essential oils, then massage the feet and put on dry socks. To enhance the warming effect, prepare yourself a hot tea or herbal decoction, to which add ginger and honey, which will improve blood circulation and have a positive effect on the metabolic process.

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