Causes of Cold Feeling Your Feet

A certain category of people constantly experiences a feeling of coldness in the extremities, regardless of the temperature of the environment.

Such symptoms worsen the quality of life, because there is a constant discomfort, and this problem can cause frequent insomnia. Experts, carrying out a series of experiments, determined the main reasons for this state.

The main one is a violation of blood circulation, which may indicate poor blood flow in some parts of the vessels, as well as a loss of their elasticity. Problems with cardiac dysfunction can also cause a constant sense of coldness in the lower extremities.

In order to establish an accurate diagnosis, it is better to turn to a doctor and undergo a test, given the fact that any disease is subject to effective treatment at the initial stage.

One Of Them Incorrect Knitted Shoes

If the feeling of cold is rare, it can arise due to incorrectly selected shoes, especially for women who prefer to wear high-heeled shoes and boots, which leads to a worsening of blood circulation. The same applies to the tight shoes, when wearing it, not only the blood flow is disturbed, but corns and scrapes appear.

In addition, the cause of such a symptom may be the presence of osteochondrosis, including cervical vertebrae, and, according to specialists, every year the number of such people is increasing.

Especially it concerns office employees who sit throughout the whole working day in front of computer monitors and most often do not follow the posture.

In order for this not to happen it is necessary to properly organize the workplace so that the screen is at eye level. As a result of the study, it was found that if there are problems with the work of the liver, which is responsible for cleaning the blood from harmful accumulations, then the feet can also freeze.

The activity of the whole organism depends on the functioning of the thyroid gland, because it regulates the metabolism process, and if it is disturbed, various symptoms, including this one, can arise.