Causes of Back Pain

Regardless of age, any person may experience back pain, which not only creates discomfort, but also causes severe pain, which sometimes leads to bed rest.

Under such circumstances, many people begin to do massage, apply various ointments and medications, due to which the condition improves, but for a short while, because a positive result can be achieved only by establishing the cause of the pain. As it turned out, a sedentary lifestyle contributes not only to a set of extra pounds, but also can cause back pain.

If the patient is lying down for more than thirteen hours during the day, and this number also includes a night’s sleep, this will lead to weakening of the muscles that can not support the back while walking, which will adversely affect the spine.

The same can happen when a person sits in one place for a long time without getting up, which as a result can cause pain in the lower back and neck. In order for this to happen, it is necessary to give every hour for 10 minutes for a warm-up, during which to make the slopes that stretch the back muscles well.

They Can Be Harmful Habits

Strangely enough, it has been scientifically proven that harmful habits can become another reason, because after alcohol abuse and smoking, pain in the back may appear.

This is due to the violation of blood circulation and to prevent this, experts advise drinking no more than 50 milliliters during the week, while giving preference to red dry wine, but it is better to give up cigarettes completely.

Sometimes the pain can arise because of a strong nervous tension, suffered stress and depression, which can cause various diseases, including back.

During sports, it is worth avoiding heavy loads, because exhausting workouts can not only cause muscle strain, but also displace intervertebral disks. If the pain in the back lasts more than four days, then you need to contact a specialist who can use X-rays to establish the exact cause and prescribe the treatment.

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