Causes of Appearance Dispno

A certain category of the population, most often the elderly, suffer from dyspnea, which is a shortness of breath.

It should be noted that dyspnea may occur in a healthy person during active sports, while it disappears after their end. However, if it is difficult to breathe with ordinary walking, especially when in a state of rest, then this indicates the presence of various diseases, so it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Most often, such symptoms occur due to heart disorders, including arrhythmia, as well as heart disease, as well as inflammatory and other diseases.

In those cases, if the treatment is not started on time, then the disease will progress, which can lead to serious consequences.

Another cause of this condition may be pulmonary disease, which causes a violation of blood supply in this organ.

Also, the inflammatory processes of the respiratory tract can cause dyspnea, which occurs after the end of the course of treatment.

Thyroid Dysfunction

In addition, dyspnea can be observed due to a violation of the metabolic process, as well as the presence of diseases such as diabetes mellitus. The fact is that a high level of sugar destroys the blood vessels from the inside, as a result of which blood circulation is disrupted, which naturally affects the work of the heart.

An important factor is maintaining weight within the limits of the norm, because the extra pounds contribute to the appearance of various diseases, including dyspnea.

Due to the fact that diabetes, which affects more people, initially proceeds without any visible symptoms, people over 45 years of age are advised to periodically perform a blood test for the level of sugar, especially since it can be done at home with a glucometer. Some people have difficulty breathing because of allergies, especially in the spring period, when the flowering of plants begins, as well as particular nervous stress, depression can be the cause of this condition. In order to avoid health problems, you need to be active and pay attention to nutrition.

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