Candles on the Cake May Be Dangerous

It turned out that when we blow out candles on holiday cakes, at this time the bacteria factor on the sweet eye of the cake increases fourteen times the minimum.

And it depends on what kind of person blows out the candles at this time.

If small children can spray their bacteria on the cake fourteen times more than there was before, then adults are able to increase the bacterial composition of the cake by a hundred and twenty times.

Imagine only that right after blown candles, you will have to eat a piece of sweet and such a long-awaited cake, along with other people’s bacteria. And it’s good if you are sure that the person at the moment is not a carrier of any viruses. But otherwise, after a sweet cake, you can also become a carrier of this virus.

Therefore, if you do not want to eat other people’s microbes, it is better to give up such dubious pleasure as a common cake on the name day. Try in general to avoid other companies in which you can not guarantee your health. After all, that dubious joy that can be obtained from such a holiday can not guarantee your happy treatment from foreign bacteria.

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