Can Children Live Together with Pets?

A lot of families around the world are sure that their pets do not affect the development and health of a newborn child.

But the results of the study of scientists from the United States of America, showed a reverse picture of this issue.

It turns out that when a family has a dog or a cat, the child grows with allergies already acquired since childhood. There are external factors that will develop in the right direction and the risk of getting asthma increases several times.

Of course, from the positive it should be noted that children growing up with a dog are much stronger physically than those who did not have it. Therefore, the choice is always for the parents, who must decide on the fate of their child. After all, when a baby is born, he is not yet able to decide for himself what he needs from life. And parents choose him the path of development that they themselves consider necessary.

Communicating a child with pets always causes a lot of positive emotions, which over the years develop into a loyal friendship and love.

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