Can Become Dangerous

Scientists have suggested that all foods that have a conserved form should not be eaten at all.

The fact that salt has a huge negative impact on the human body, has long been known to everyone.

But its combination with vinegar was never tested. And it turns out that this mixture can quite harm the human brain, which already suffers from the daily impact of the external environment.

Therefore, if you do not want to have problems with brain disease, then it is worth to exclude from your diet all foods that have been preserved and pretreated with a solution of vinegar and salt. Not only is this harmful for the human brain, so salt is still the main danger to the figure and joints.

As well as the excessive use of salt, the sight and smell of a person suffer. You do not need to destroy what nature has awarded you. Try to keep your health in the form in which you received it in childhood, and it is better even to multiply.

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