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It`s time to shape luxurious buttocks!

– Getting rid of sagging skin, swellings and cellulite
– Correction of the size of the buttocks in line with the type of shape
– Maintenance of the muscle tone.
– Many times cheaper than going to the gym


How to make buttocks elastic? How to train your hips? How to remove excess fat and cellulite? All these issues concern many women. There is a stereotype that in order to create an ideal figure, you need to visit the gym for several hours a day, refuse your favorite food and adhere to a strict diet. But all this is not so. The innovative scientific and technical capabilities of the 21st century make it possible to achieve the ideal result without any effort. California Body EMS Hips Muscle Stimulator is a unique solution for those who want to find an excellent body, but do not have the opportunity to attend the gym. A professional system of comprehensive training allows you to work out each individual muscle in the problem area, without making any effort. Myostimulation technology is considered one of the most effective and progressive.

California Body – Electrical Hip Trainer

In 2020, California Body Philippines official website sold more than 100,000 copies and more than 90% of buyers are satisfied with the results of use. Thanks to the combination of the latest scientific discoveries and the system of point myostimulation, you can:

– Neutralize the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle.
– Relieve tension and pain in the legs.
– Improve blood circulation.
– Eliminate cellulite and improve the condition of the skin on the hips and buttocks.
– Burn hated fat in the most inaccessible places.
– Get an elastic and sexy ass that all guys will pay attention to.
– Feel attractive.
– Wear a tight-fitting dress or jeans that emphasize the charm of your forms.

Why spend months in the gym if you can achieve the same result without stress? The principle of myostimulation lies in the effect of electrical micropulses on muscles. This leads to a sharp high-frequency contraction and relaxation of muscle tissue, simulating the implementation of physical exercises. In a typical workout, 10-12 repetitions are performed at a time. The EMS system will provide 5 times more repetitions over the same period of time.

The device is made of high quality materials, has a reliable mount and an intelligent useful function. You need to choose one of 15 modes of active work, which is suitable for specific tasks. Just a few minutes a day will help you get the same result as after a 5-hour workout in the gym. You can take this portable simulator with you on a business trip, on vacation, or even to work.

After 7-14 days of daily use, you will see the first obvious improvements. After 4 weeks, your hips and buttocks will become ideal, elasticity and muscle tone will improve, sagging will disappear. CaliforniaBody original price cheaper than the cost of a sports subscription for 1 month. You get fantastic results by staying in your comfort zone and not exposing your body to heavy loads.

Electrical Hip Trainer California Body how much is? Check this information with the seller. At the moment, this is one of the most profitable offers on the market.

California Body EMS Muscle Stimulator where to buy? The most profitable way to get this product is to order online on the seller’s website. After 7 days, the order will be delivered and you can pay for it upon receipt.


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