Burgers Without Meat Become All Popular

Sandwiches that have gained fame all over the world and won the hearts of millions of people are called burgers.

They have many recipes and cooking options. But lately people have increasingly abandoned the classic look of this dish, and switch to a lighter version that originates in a vegetarian diet.

If the most common burger consists of a loaf of meat patties, tomatoes, sauce, cheese and pickles, then the lightweight version excludes from its composition a meat cutlet and all non-natural sauces. A vegetarian burger consists of fresh tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, a piece of cheese and sour cream or butter. This combination allows you to make it quickly and delicious. And even if you are very hungry, then believe that a roll of whole grain flour and a set of fresh vegetables will quench any, even the most brutal famine.

Those people who do not imagine their life without meat, for sure, will say that they will not abandon the classical burger, but in case of an opportunity, they will still try the product that does not harm the health, but instead gives strength and fills us with energy.

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