Bright Colors Prevent the Appearance of Depression

With the onset of autumn days, some people exacerbate chronic diseases and the main reason for this are sudden changes in air temperature, atmospheric pressure, as well as a reduction in the duration of daylight hours.

And this concerns not only physical, but also psychological state, because according to the data of Swiss specialists who have been conducting research for a long time, it turned out that most people suffer from depression in the fall and spring.

As for early spring, most often this condition occurs because of insufficient amounts of vitamin and sedentary lifestyle.

It is not a secret to anyone that in winter many people spend more time in enclosed spaces, which causes overweight, and also lacks vitamin D and others.

Also Need More Vacation

In order to prevent such a state, one must adhere to some rules, one of which is to create a bright environment around yourself, not only at home, but also at work, because scientists learned that colors have different effects on the psyche.

It is also worth trying to communicate more often with people who are optimistic in life, because constant talk about failures, problems and poor health only aggravate the situation.

On such days, you need to pay more attention to a good rest, and it means not sitting in front of a computer monitor and a television crane, but traveling, playing sports, daily walks in the park zone, which will have a positive impact on the emotional state.

Also do not forget about a full-fledged dream, the duration of which should be at least eight hours a day. Nutritionists say that the proper operation of the central nervous system depends on the proper selection of the products, because some of them can improve mood, for example, black chocolate with a cocoa content of no less than 70%. It is also recommended to include in the diet of marine and dairy products, nuts, honey, and of course, fruits, vegetables, greens.