Bread Mold May Become Dangerous

If we talk about mold, as a useful product, then this applies only to cheese products and that mold, which is specially bred for cheeses.

But if this is a kind of living organisms, you appeared on bread, which was fresh and fluffy a few days ago, so you should immediately discard it.

Bread mold can be so dangerous that after penetrating it into the body, it is likely the development of anaphylactic shock and death. This, of course, happens only in rare cases, and in the majority of people just experiencing symptoms of severe poisoning. But they bring little pleasure.

Therefore, if suddenly you have mold in the kitchen, try to carefully clean this place with a chemical cleaning solution to exclude the possibility that mold spores can survive. And after that, just keep track of the shelf life of the products, and do not let them stay longer than the prescribed time. All that you need for proper nutrition, you can get yourself and observing the elementary rules of food use.

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