Bored Man Does not Give Brain

It turns out that the very feeling of boredom, for a man difficult to bear, therefore, in order to cope with their own overstrain, the brain tries to exclude all stimuli.

And when boredom overcomes a person more than an hour, the brain begins to release the hormone adenosine, which causes sleep.

In consequence of this discovery, the scientists found the center of the brain, which is responsible for the state of sleep, and tried to control it. After they artificially injected adenosine into the body of mice, they immediately fell asleep. At the same time, the phase of sleep was very deep and it was necessary to remove from it exclusively with the help of external factors.

Now, thanks to adenosine, medical preparations are being developed that will combat insomnia and its consequences. For humanity, this discovery means a lot. After all, when scientists learn something new about the human brain, it always leads to a lot of controversy and research that sooner or later it will end up true for everyone. Therefore, falling asleep at night, just imagine that next to the pleasure center in your brain begins to develop adenosine and smoothly lead your body into the most pleasant state – a dream.

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