Body Shaper Belt Philippines


– Speeds up heat exchange within the body by 47%
– Gets rid of excess body fluid 4 times faster!
– Burns 72% more fat during physical activity!
– Gives 100% results (up to 6kg lost per month) with regular usage!


A belly hanging down, excess fat on the waist and cellulite are the problems that 85% of women after 25 years experience. Most often, this leads to a poor diet, excessive consumption of sugar, hormonal changes, pregnancy and other factors. Unfortunately, eliminating this trouble is quite difficult. Even if you train hard in the gym and follow the recommendations of a nutritionist, it still does not give a 100% guarantee of success. Why it happens?

Abdominal fat is considered one of the most difficult to burn. Scientists say that on the stomach are the most dense layers of fat cells, which are our “strategic supply of energy.” Even with active weight loss, many girls face a problem when they are unable to get a flat tummy and a thin waist. To help in this matter, American experts conducted research and found out the main factors affecting the burning of subcutaneous fat in the problem area. It turns out that to achieve this result, it is necessary to increase heat transfer. Based on the data received, Body Shaper Belt rapid weight Loss was developed.

Body Shaper Belt – Fat Burning

This is an innovative sports accessory that helps burn fat and eliminate loose skin on the stomach and lower back. The unique technology, which has proven effective in practice, has been widely used in many countries of the world. Thanks to the use of this tool, more than 99% of customers were able to achieve the desired effect in 1 month!

Body Shaper Belt Philippines official website offers everyone who wants to get this product at a bargain price. With it, you can bring your figure to perfect condition without heavy loads, without diets, without fitness trainers and dangerous exercises. Forget about back pain, excess fat and other problems – get a great body forever!

How it works:

1. Creates a “sauna” effect and makes subcutaneous fat burn.
2. Increases heat transfer by 2 times.
3. Accelerates the process of perspiration and removes excess fluid.
4. Accelerates the metabolism.
5. Stimulates blood flow, relieves pain and prevents muscle strain.
6. Increases the effectiveness of training 3-4 times.
7. Allows you to lose up to 6 kg in just 4 weeks.

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