Berry Season The Best Time To Store Vitamins

Now the end of May, which means, a new season of berries has opened, which contribute to the replenishment of the body with a lack of vitamins and the restoration of immunity, weakened during the winter.

The first berry, which ripens first and goes on sale, is a strawberry, in which, according to experts, contains the greatest amount of vitamins and minerals.

Thanks to such properties, this berry improves the work of the heart, vessels, intestines and strengthens the immune system, and also positively affects the skin condition.

Despite the fact that strawberries are quite a sweet berry, it can be eaten even by people who suffer from diabetes. No less useful is the cherry, which is the second in the list by maturity.

Eating even a small portion of this delicious juicy berries, you can normalize the pressure, the work of the kidneys and liver, and strengthen the bone system, teeth and improve the condition of nails and hair. And this is not to mention the fact that it helps well with such diseases as anemia, arthritis and rheumatism, as well as when the stomach and intestines are broken.

Useful Properties of Cherries, Raspberries and Currants

Cherries have almost the same properties, except that using it can cleanse the body of harmful accumulations, avoid the appearance of excess weight, diabetes and even tumors. In the people, cherry was called the berry of youth, and this is not in vain, because as its content, it makes the skin more elastic and gives it firmness.

Jam, cooked from raspberries is generally considered a cure for colds, but fresh berries have a lot of useful properties, one of which is the opposition to cancers.

During the ripening of the currant, elderly people should daily include it in their diet, because, due to the large content of vitamin C and potassium, this berry does not allow for the weakening of mental abilities.

However, despite all the useful properties of these berries, when using them, it is recommended that you follow certain rules, so that instead of doing good, do not harm your health. It is better not to eat berries in the form of dessert, but two hours after eating, because because of their long digestion in the stomach, fermentation may occur.

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