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Mabilis na pambawas-timbang na inuming may luwad ng bulkan

– pinagsasama ang mga mapaminsalang halo at inaalis ang mga ito mula sa katawan
– pinabababa ang gana sa pagkain, inaalis ang labis na tubig mula sa katawan
– nililinis ang pandumi at inaalis ang labis na kolesterol


The secret of the slender figure of movie stars and show business is revealed! Many Hollywood celebrities admit that to maintain an excellent shape and slim waist helps them to a proper diet and timely detoxification of the body. One of the most popular products for this purpose is diet supplement for weight loss Bentolit. A unique 3-in-1 product based on volcanic clay and useful ingredients provides the most effective action in three main areas at once:

– Detoxification and removal of excess fluid from the body.
– Weight loss.
– Rejuvenation and restoration of health.

Bentolit – Slimming Product

As the results of clinical studies have shown, slimming product Bentolit, due to the high concentration of volcanic clay, burns excess fat 20 times faster than popular diets combined with heavy physical exertion. It is scientifically proven that within 7 days after the start of use of this drink, the number of snacks is noticeably reduced, hunger is suppressed and the total number of calories consumed is reduced by almost 3 times. The product contributes to the fastest and most effective weight loss, but it does not cause side effects or any other troubles.

Bentolit to remove toxins is a 100% natural formula that has gone through three degrees of purification and enriched with nutrients to restore health. The product is presented as a powder mixture for reconstitution in water, juice or milk. This drink has a pleasant coffee taste and aroma, is easy to drink and does not harm your health. Unlike many other analogues, you should drink this healthy cocktail only once a day. Bentolit result will not be long in coming and very soon you and everyone around you will notice the first real changes.

What is the secret of volcanic clay? This is one of the most powerful natural adsorbents that exist in organic form. The ability to absorb toxins in bentolite clay is 20 times higher than that of activated carbon or other analogues. Once in the body, this substance not only promotes weight loss, but also removes chemicals: toxins, free radicals, nicotine, alcohol, and so on. With daily use, the condition of the skin improves markedly, hair and nails strengthen, wrinkles are smoothed out and energy is increased.

Where to buy Bentolit?

The principle of action of the ingredients of the formula:

1. Volcanic clay – detoxification, removal of excess water from the body.
2. Fennel fruit extract – improves the digestive system.
3. Ginger root extract – accelerates metabolism, helps burn fat and cleanse blood vessels.
4. Soy protein – a source of useful components for muscle growth and bone strengthening.
5. Oat fiber – a natural source of plant fiber, lowers cholesterol, removes toxins.
6. Coffee powder – increases energy and physical activity, improves mood, speeds up blood flow.


“I could not think that someday they would start to take clay inside. It always seemed to me that this product is more suitable for face or body masks. But it turned out that volcanic clay is a very good product for weight loss. After the course for 30 days, I managed to lose 12 kg of excess weight. Well-being also improved, the feeling of heaviness and a constant feeling of hunger disappeared.”

“I take a detox course with Bentolit original every 3-4 months. Thanks to this, my weight remains normal and I forgot about what diets, fasting and hard exercises in the gym are. I recommended this product to many of my friends and they were satisfied.”

“This clay gives a fantastic effect! After pregnancy, my weight increased by 13 kg and I had to urgently get rid of it. But a small child does not allow to go to the gym and follow a proper diet, so I needed an additional incentive. The nutritionist advised the use of volcanic clay. I used this powder for only a few weeks, but during this time my weight dropped by 10 kg!”

Method of preparation: Mix 25 g of the mixture in warm water or milk. Stir the product thoroughly until smooth and take it as a drink every morning 1 time per day. Continue the course for 30 days.

Don’t you know where to buy Bentolit? In this case, we recommend saving time and contacting the company that produces this food supplement directly. Using Bentolit official site you can order goods online.

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How long is the delivery of the goods? Bentolit Philippines delivery times are 3 to 5 days. Payment after receiving the goods.


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