Benefit and Harm from Contact Lenses

For many years now people with poor eyesight prefer to use glasses, and lenses, perhaps, so they are becoming more popular.

The fact is that unlike glasses, lenses are safer, because when using them they reduce the risk of eye injuries. In addition, improperly selected frames of glasses can cause the appearance of a headache, thereby worsening the general condition.

In addition, when wearing lenses is not limited to the side vision, the objects are not seen in a distorted form, and do not fog up, which is an important factor for drivers and other professions related to mindfulness.

And this is not to say that such a correction of vision does not worsen the appearance, as happens when wearing glasses. It should be remembered that the incorrect use of lenses can also not only worsen vision, but also lead to the appearance of various eye diseases.

Selecting Lenses Must Have an Ophthalmologist

The choice of lenses should be handled by a specialist, because as soon as he can determine what kind of material is required for their manufacture, as well as give several recommendations for caring for them. First, in order not to harm your eyes, you should not wear a lens longer than the time that was set by their manufacturers, and replace, as prescribed by the doctor. Do not forget about their cleaning and disinfection, while using a special solution, but this applies only to those lenses that are designed for long-term use.

With regard to one-day lenses, then at the end of the day after use, they can be discarded, which means that no care is needed.

Ophthalmologists warn that you can not use lenses during showering and bathing, both in the pool and open water. It is worth remembering that they are subject to individual use, so do not use other people’s lenses and do not lend your own to anyone, because, in addition to eye irritation, you can bring an infection. If during the wearing of lenses you have reddening and discomfort of the eyes, an unclear image, then you need to remove them and consult a doctor.