Belly Looks Like A Balloon

If from time to time you feel such an unpleasant sensation as a swelling, you can immediately not panic, you just need to calmly understand what went wrong?

In order for the intestine to swell in the human body, a number of reasons must have been preceded, which may be, like all of them, and one of them.

So, if you smoke or eat before bed not later than two hours before bedtime, and also eat too fast or constantly overeat, then wait soon you will start bloating. Yes, these are the reasons that can affect the work of your intestines.

It is also worth remembering that swelling causes fatty food or swallowed air during eating. That’s why, sometimes we feel that our belly was puffed up like a ball.

Carbonated drinks are able to cause bloating most often, because gases accumulate in the intestine and irritate its walls, which gives an unpleasant and painful sensation. Therefore, if you do not want your stomach to look like a balloon, try to eat right and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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