Because of What Nemyut Fingers

Probably, every person faced with the situation of cramps of leg muscles or numbness of fingers.

Experts argue that the reasons for such unpleasant sensations, which often occur at night, are several. One of them is physical fatigue, especially this is relevant for the category of people who are forced to spend the whole working day on their feet, for example, hairdressers, sellers, waiters and others.

The cause of numbness can be poor circulation of blood, as a result of which tissues do not receive the required amount of substances and oxygen.

Most often, women face this problem, and this is not surprising, because many of them prefer to wear fashionable but not comfortable shoes with high heels. In addition, improperly selected shoes can also provoke problems due to the tightness of the foot or toes. However, in recent times, cases when numbness began to arise in office employees and others who are engaged in sedentary work have become more frequent.

How to Eliminate Unpleasant Feelings

For them, one of the important rules is not to give up daily moderate physical exertion, for which walking on stairs, walking and easy jogging is good. In addition, it is necessary to arrange a break every fifty minutes of work for a warm-up, for which squats work well. It turned out that the diet is of great importance, for which it is necessary to include more foods rich in microelements and vitamins, because their lack provokes convulsions.

Therefore, more often eat greens, fish and meat, and also do not give up sour-milk products and legumes.

Do not forget that the more time a person spends in the open air, the better it has the protective functions of the body in confronting various diseases. Also, more attention should be given to proper rest, especially to those who are engaged in manual labor, while remembering that not only the state of health, but also the general state of health, largely depends on the quality of sleep.

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