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One of the reasons for the appearance of excess weight may be a violation of the metabolic process.

However, there are a number of habits that slow the metabolism, resulting in calories burned more slowly. If you began to notice that your weight is increasing, and at a pace that you have to change your wardrobe, one of the reasons may be a violation of the meal schedule.

Many of you in the mornings drink a cup of coffee, at best with a sandwich, and it’s all because there is not enough time for a full breakfast. Having missed the most important meal, the body does not just get a charge of vivacity, but does not burn energy.

In order not to break the metabolism, you must eat every four hours.

Many people know that you can not tolerate dehydration, but not everyone can drink about two liters of water during the day. Nutritionists say that in addition to water, you can also drink green tea, which, thanks to the content of caffeine, accelerates the burning of calories.

In the Ration Milk Products Should Be Present

Do not give up on the use of dairy products, because in addition to calcium and casein, they contain linoleic acid, which contributes to the burning of fats. Some people hope that by observing different diets, they will manage to lose weight, but this is not so, because it still requires strength training. It’s better to go in for sports outdoors in the mornings, when the sun shines, the rays of which regulate daily biorhythms.

Having received a certain norm of vitamin D in the morning, you will start metabolism.

Another mistake made by many people who want to get rid of extra pounds, is the rejection of carbohydrates. The fact is that excluding them from the diet, there is a rapid fatigue, resulting in reduced activity of training, which means that they do not give the desired effect for weight loss. Another reason for the decrease in metabolism may be a shortage in the body of iron, the reserves of which can be replenished, using legumes, herbs, and cereals. One of the causes of many diseases, including metabolic disorders, is depression.

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