Because of What Appears Dandruff

One of the problems that often occurs in many people is dandruff, especially for those people who work in the team.

This is not surprising, because, being next to a person who has dandruff on his clothes, a feeling of dislike is created, caused by his slovenliness. However, it is worth remembering that dandruff is a disease, and you can get rid of it only if the exact cause of its appearance is established.

One of them can be a fungal disease, which increases the number of dead skin scales, which leads to the appearance of dandruff.

Another sign that affects the condition of the hair is the diet, because the wrong menu can lead to an incorrect metabolism, and this is directly related to the violation of the skin. In such cases, nutritionists are advised to consume more greens, fruits, vegetables, as well as marine and dairy products, while giving up sweets and fatty foods that will not only worsen the appearance of the hair, but also contribute to a set of excess weight.

Most Private Causes

The cause of dandruff can be suffered stress, fatigue, beriberi, and smoking, because this habit has a negative effect on the quality of hair and contributes to the appearance of early wrinkles. According to specialists, almost 80% suffer from dandruff due to various diseases of the intestines.

However, sometimes these white skin flakes can occur with improper hair care, for example frequent, or vice versa, a rare washing of the head.

Despite the fact that now a wide selection of various shampoos and other products is provided, they should be selected according to the type of hair, which will give them a natural shine, accelerate growth and prevent dandruff.

It should be remembered that if dandruff is observed for a long time, then it is unlikely to completely get rid of this disease with the help of shampoo, because special treatment is required, and for each person it is individual, therefore it can be assigned only by a specialist.

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