Beauty That Does not Fade

They say that there is beauty that never passes.

And it does not matter how old a woman is, her beauty is always visible. And indeed it is.

If we consider the beauty is not the physical body of a woman, but her inner state of mind.

Only those girls, and then women who have lived their whole lives in harmony with themselves and others, in their old age, can be called real beauties. After all, all the good that emanated from them for many years now begins to return in the form of a sweet smile and a humble look. Such women look very noble. They never scream and that, no longer condemn. All their actions are aimed only at peacekeeping purposes.

It is also worth noting that to old age, these do not live long. After all, each of them passes through someone’s grief through their own heart, and it can not withstand so much weight. Therefore, if you know that there is such a woman next to you, try to protect it as much as possible. And help her to the best of her ability.

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