Beauty Lurks In Women’s Eyes

Very often it is the female eyes that become a real magnet for men.

They fall in love with us only when they look in the eyes.

After all, they conceal a whole abyss of secrets, which he still has to discover and many precious dreams that he must embody into reality.

And if two eyes met, between which as if electricity ran through, then these people are created for each other. And if fate will give them a chance to be together, then they will be the happiest couple on earth. Because love is born in the eye. The only way to understand this is your man or not, and how strong is the feeling that already tickles somewhere under the left rib. And if a man could see the true beauty of a woman only one glance, then he will necessarily live with her soul in the soul.

There are a lot of couples who scream at each corner, how much they love each other, but if you ask each individual what color the eyes of his chosen one, few people will remember. And this means that between them is not love, but simple love and animal passion.

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