Beautiful Wife – Pledge of a Strong Family

Scientists from the University of Florida conducted a simple questionnaire among one hundred and fifty couples, up to twenty-five years of age, who were married no later than six months ago.

And it turned out that those couples in which the man was more ugly than the woman in the family had harmony and stability due to the fact that the man tried to match his wife and in every possible way compensated his position.

It could be either gifts, or help around the house and shopping trips, and most importantly great sex. In such families, women remained satisfied with their position and therefore tried to maintain good and warm relations.

But in families where a man was more beautiful than a woman, either a person or a figure, there was always a tense relationship. The girl tried at all costs to fit herself into an ideal husband and from this she felt constantly a certain discomfort.

And still in their relationship there was always a fear that the husband would want to go to another, more attractive girl and therefore, to say something about the comfort in their family life, is not necessary.

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