Beautiful Girls Very Often Are Unhappy

When a girl is born very pretty and her beauty is not disputed by a single person in the world, this can lead to the fact that she will be lonely and unhappy in her life.

A feeling like pride often comes from those who are confident of their superiority over others.

It’s hard for beautiful girls to find a chosen one who could meet their requirements. And if in their life there is a strong and pure feeling called love, then there are only two options for the development of events. Or she will become a real fortunate and can still create a family, or will always look for someone who does not exist at all.

Reading the works of classical literature, the girls fall in love with the images of men described there and then they try to find such an image among these guys. But unfortunately?

Few of them understand that in life such simply does not exist. Therefore Beautiful girls all their lives are waiting for their Mr. Darcy and eventually become unhappy and lonely. Very few beauties manage to find their place in life.

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