Be Careful when Eating Early Vegetables

Fresh vegetables, which appear on store shelves in the spring, attract the attention of an increasing number of buyers who during the winter period did not receive the necessary amount of vitamins and nutrients.

One of the first vegetables appear cucumbers and early cabbage, of which many housewives prepare delicious salads.

However, all vegetables and fruits that are sold outside the harvest season contain a large amount of nitrates used by producers for the growth and maturation of products.

Experts argue that getting rid of them is completely impossible, but you can reduce their number, using some tips. A high content of nitrates can cause poisoning, especially for children, who just need to eat one cucumber for this. After all the winter in the diet there was sauerkraut, with the appearance of fresh young greens, I want to cook something delicious from it.

How to Reduce the Number of Nitrates

When preparing dishes from early cabbage, do not forget to remove a few upper leaves and cut the leg, because it is in them that accumulates the greatest amount of nitrates, and before use, keep it in cold water for several minutes. The same applies to cucumbers grown in greenhouses, from which, in addition to soaking, it is necessary to peel the peel and cut off about two centimeters from both edges.

If you decide to eat fresh tomatoes, then it is desirable to add a little lemon juice to the soaking water.

If, after cutting the tomato, you saw that its middle consists of white veins, it is better not to use it for consumption, because this indicates that the amount of nitrates in it is much higher than normal.

You can use greens after it has undergone the same treatment, while stems of plants are better to throw.

It is worth remembering that the acid, which is contained in lemon juice, helps the breakdown of chemical compounds. In view of the fact that at low temperatures nitrates become even more dangerous, it is not recommended to store early vegetables in the refrigerator.
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