Be Careful, Eating Early Berries

Now it’s only the beginning of May, and on the markets and supermarket shelves, strawberries have already come on sale, one of the early berries, followed by cherries.

Their beautiful appearance and pleasant aroma attracts the attention of many citizens who, despite the high prices, buy berries to not only enjoy their taste, but also to replenish the body of vitamins.

However, experts argue that all early products, be it vegetables, fruits or berries, can be not only useful, but also harm the health, if not observe certain rules.

To avoid poisoning, they should be consumed at the time of harvest, when they ripen naturally, without any treatment with various chemical preparations that accelerate their growth.

When buying cherries or strawberries, try berries, and if fertilizers were used during cultivation, they will differ in taste. As a rule, berries are more often used fresh, so before eating, you need to rinse them thoroughly with warm water to prevent infection with various diseases. It is especially necessary to be more careful with strawberries, because berries often come into contact with the ground, in which there is a huge number of microbes.

Thorough Processing is Required

Fresh fruit contains fruit acid, which exacerbates such diseases of the stomach and intestines as an ulcer or gastritis during an exacerbation, so it is better for such people to consume them after heat treatment.

As with any product, you should not abuse berries, despite their amazing taste, because they are rich in glucose, which increases the load on the pancreas, which leads to swelling and stomach pain. Especially it concerns children who so love these juicy, sweet berries.

Also, people who suffer from food allergies should be more cautious, because many red fruits contain substances that can cause such a disease. If after eating berries you have nausea, abdominal pain, deterioration of well-being, you need to urgently consult a doctor, because it can be a helminthic invasion, and in case of a rash on the skin – an allergy.

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