Bad Sleep May Become a Cause of Dementia

Scientists said that those people who for a long period of time do not always get enough sleep can get a disease that is characterized by dementia and memory loss.

It is very dangerous not to pour every day even for a few minutes, which play an important role in the process of restoring the body overnight and gaining vitality.

If a person feels that he needs only enough to sleep a day for not more than five hours, this does not mean that his brain was able to completely relax during this time.

Each time after lack of sleep, he begins to use the reserve energy, which then also needs to be restored. And if you constantly test it and force it to use reserve forces, then one day it can simply take and refuse to do it, while the consequences do not need to be said.

Try never to allow that you have a feeling of chronic fatigue syndrome. Otherwise, getting rid of it later will be extremely difficult. Dementia can cause irreversible processes in the body, so try to never allow it to form.

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