Bad Memories Are Treated

Mental health of a person, this is a very interesting and mysterious phenomenon.

And scientists have been working for many years on what it is.

It was possible to find out just how and where exactly the brain reacts to sound waves, and what happens in this case.

As it turned out, the human brain is capable of reproducing negative emotions and experiences when it hears high sound frequencies, and at the same time, remains in complete tranquility when low. But if, during the time of applying high frequencies to hit a person with an electric shock, bad memories are lost. How it works at a deeper level, the scientists have not yet studied, but they hope that they will become most known if they conduct experiments directly on people. After all, before that, all that was found out, belongs only to the mouse brain.

But according to the scientists themselves, there is no difference. After all, the work of the brain is the same for all living beings who have it. Therefore, if you have memories that you want to erase, then try to touch the tongue to the finger battery, the current will flow through you and it is possible that the memories will go away with it.

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