Baby Food Must Always Try Adult

Have you had to feed your child with various mixtures or baby food from jars.

If not, then you were absolutely sure that the vitamins and minerals of proven quality received by him, since they are prepared by you personally.

But there is a group of parents who did not do without their children eating non-home-made products.

And they all know very well that before you send the first spoon into your baby’s mouth, you must independently check this food for taste. After all, it may be that it is too hot or cold, and the baby still can not explain to you what it does not suit. A child’s cry during feeding, it’s always something special, that does not want to experience again and again not one of the moms. So, if you have a lucky ticket to feed the mixture, do not forget to check it first for yourself, and then give it to the child.

And even in those cases when you feed only home-made food, the first spoon should always be yours. Simply even because everything in the family is distributed according to age.

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