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Several months ago, the International Medical Conference of Orthopedics was held. One of the main topics at this forum was an increase in the number of patients who have problems with joints and spine. The participants of the conference stated that today every fifth person in the world over the age of 30 has chronic arthritis, rheumatism, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia or other concomitant diseases. The report also notes that over the past 50 years, these diseases have significantly reduced the age threshold. In the middle of the last century, problems with joints appeared only in the elderly, and today they are detected in 65% of young people aged 21 years. What are the reasons? Most modern professions force us to sit or stand for a long time, resulting in an increased load on the skeleton and joints. In addition, many of us are overweight, poor nutrition and live in environmentally unfavorable conditions. All these factors affect the condition of the musculoskeletal system and lead to the onset of pain and inflammation. But even if you are engaged in sports, you are not immune from arthritis or osteochondrosis. Large physical exertion can also lead to problems with knees or back pain.

At the moment, pharmaceutical companies offer a wide range of medicines for the treatment of arthritis. But most of these medicines can not cure the disease, they only temporarily reduce pain and symptoms. Once you stop taking medication, the pain comes back again. That is why, modern doctors recommend using such tools that can stop the destruction of cartilage and restore your full health. One of the latest discoveries in orthopedic medicine was spray ArthroNEO for joints pain. This is a powerful formula of active ingredients that will help you quickly get rid of pain in your knees or spine, restore normal cartilage mobility, eliminate inflammation and regenerate damaged tissue. The product is approved by the best doctors and surgeons in Europe and around the world, has over 100,000 good reviews and is the safest in use.

ArthroNEO – Arthritis Pain Relief Spray

The main reason why you should use ArthroNEO joint pain relief spray is its unique properties. Unlike many analgesic tablets or useless food additives, this product is able to restore cartilage tissue at the molecular level. Special components that are contained in the spray, increase the production of collagen and help to regenerate damaged joints. That’s why after the course of treatment together with ArthroNEO Malta, you completely get rid of the pain, and the probability of relapse is less than 1%. This universal formula was originally created for athletes, but very quickly began to be sold to all comers. Most importantly, there are no harmful substances in the ingredients that could cause allergies or side effects. ArthroNEO arthritis pain relief spray is based solely on natural products, plant extracts, vitamins and minerals. It can be used at any age and even for prevention. Uniquely, the use of this formula has its advantages. We want to name you only the most basic pluses:

– Instant analgesic effect;
– Elimination of inflammation of the joints within 1-5 days after the start of treatment;
– 100% natural ingredients;
– Has no contraindications or limitations;
– Compatible with other types of therapy;
– Regenerates joints and bone tissue;
– Helps to avoid relapse.
– ArthroNEO price is 40% lower than for creams, ointments and tablets.

Where to Buy ArthroNEO?

2 years ago, clinical studies were conducted that were supposed to prove or disprove the useful properties of this formula. To participate in the experiment were selected 150 volunteers aged 39 to 61 years with diagnoses of arthritis, osteochondrosis, rheumatism and complaints of pain in the knees. All participants in the experiment used this spray 3 times a day for 25 days. The results were very good: 95% got rid of the pain, about 98% forgot about the painful crunch in the knees, 100% are ready to recommend this product to their friends. In addition, in many health forums, you can read ArthroNEO reviews with high ratings and recommendations.

The product is very convenient to use. In order to reduce pain in the knees or back, you do not have to take anything inside. The spray is easily sprayed and evenly covers the entire inflammation zone. All you need is to do a light massage. Repeat the procedures every day in the morning, in the afternoon and before going to bed. It is best to do this at home. You will feel better after the first procedure. Gradually ArthroNEO result will be more and more obvious.

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